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Partnership Approach

Keith had an article published on "Partnership:  taking the Whole Force Approach in Defence".  It was featured in the 'Defence Contracts Bulletin' produced on 16 Nov 16 (Vol 14 No 22).  It has been republished in the 2017 Defence Procurement Guide available from February.


Keith Skempton provides consultancy and advice for design and management organisations, building contractors and developers specifically, but not exclusively, in the defence and security sector, interacting with the MOD and Armed Forces as well as defence manufacturers.


Advice is aimed at identifying procurement opportunities and bringing together the team that can win the contract.


Target projects tend to be for the development of facilities or for the development of real estate for disposal, in both cases requiring design for best value.


Waldeck Consulting


Keith is providing consultancy services and strategic advisory services on defence and other opportunities to Waldeck.  Waldeck is a specialist multi-disciplinary technical design and management consultancy.  They help private and global blue-chip corporations succeed with Heavy Infrastructure, Industrial and Major Building Projects.  Keith's focus is primarily in the defence, manufacturing and logistics sectors.


Waldeck are market leaders in digital based strategic and project implementation solutions.  They undertake Building Information Modelling (BIM) beyond Level 2 and to 7D (that includes program, costs, green credentials, FM and through life costs).  The digital modelling capability has recently been extended to include BIM quality drone surveys.  For more information see:


"Better Defence Estate"

Defence Secretary, Michael Fallon, has announced that over £4Bn will be invested to create a better defence estate for the UK's Armed Forces and their families.


MOD has produced their "Better Defence Strategy".  91 sites owned or maintained by the MOD are to be sold and "every penny raised will be reinvested back into defence, creating areas of military expertise throughout the country".  The programme of release is also in keeping with the Government's initiative to make more public land available for housing.


MOD "Innovation Panel"

MOD has announced a new "Innovation Panel".  SofS was quoted..."Backed by an £800m innovation fund" we want to transform defence and work with small firms, academics and others to find solutions to the threats to our security"  The team consists of Tim Peake, Ron Dennis, Ruth McKearnan, Kristina Murrin and Robert Hannigan.

Skempton Consulting

For the past 6 years Keith has been undertaking Business Development in the Defence and Security Property and Infrastructure Sector, with defence businesses and contractors, developing, rationalizing or disposing of their real estate at best value.  Since leaving the Army as a Major General, he has also been involved in Defence Manufacturing, Real Estate and Facilities Management projects.  His subject interest is UK-wide and he is now available as an independent consultant.

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