Keith Skempton CBE DL

Keith Skempton provides consultancy and advice for design and management organisations, building contractors and developers primarily, but not exclusively, in the defence and security sector. 

Advice is aimed at identifying procurement opportunities and bringing together the team that can win the contract or co-ordinating the elements of the overall project.


Target projects tend to be for the development of facilities or for the development of real estate for disposal, in both cases requiring design for best value.


Partnership Approach

Keith had an article published on "Partnership:  taking the Whole Force Approach in Defence".  It was featured in the 'Defence Contracts Bulletin' produced on 16 Nov 16 (Vol 14 No 22) and republished in the 2017 Defence Procurement Guide.

2018 F35Bs to Marham

New facilities under construction at RAF Marham (MoD Photograph)

The first flight of aircraft have arrived at RAF Marham and will "stand up" as 617 Squadron (Dambusters) Squadron with the option of operating from forward deployment bases or from the Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers.  The carrier is currently undergoing F35B landing and take-off drills off the US Eastern Coast, at the end of which she will be visiting New York.


MOD Infrastructure Change


Although the Front Line Commands (FLCs: RN, Army, RAF, Joint Force Command) now have responsibility for their own infrastructure.  The Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) act as their "agent".  The FLCs are required to justify their requirements to the DIO.

The DIO are conducting c60 sets of Assessment Studies on priority projects.  These have or will be advertised through the FATS5 Framework or through Crown Commercial Services.  The projects should be covered in the "DIO Commercial Strategy" which has now been published. 


MOD to rejoin MOD Boxer Programme

MoD Photo:  BOXER Ambulance variant (Bundeswehr) crossing the Weser near Minden

MOD is to rejoin the "Boxer" Mechanised Infantry Vehicle Programme which it left in 2003.  It is built by the Artec Consortium and it is thought up to 500 vehicles could be ordered for the new Army Strike Brogades.  It is possible 60pc of the work could be done in UK, securing or creating 1000 jobs and potential facilities.


DIO Commercial Strategy

As a main infrastructure client, DIO say they will engage with industry by sharing pipeline information well in advance of planned procurements to help shape the market, drive innovation and invigorate and maintain a diverse portfolio of suppliers. In turn, it is envisaged this will support economic growth nationally and in the regions by giving businesses certainty to recruit and retain staff.


Skempton Consulting

For the past 10 years Keith has been undertaking Business Development in the Defence and Security Property and Infrastructure Sector, with defence businesses and contractors, developing, rationalizing or disposing of their real estate at best value.  Since leaving the Army as a Major General, he has also been involved in Defence Manufacturing, Real Estate and Facilities Management projects.  His subject interest is UK-wide and he is now available as an independent consultant.

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